Archery is one of our most popular activities as it is great for all ages and abilities. Pete celebrated his 70th birthday with friends and family, (the youngest being just 2) having an archery session with us. It is perfect for anyone who just wants to do a leisurely activity outdoors although it is addictive and can be as competitive as you want it to be.

One mother and daughter from the Falklands spent 3 days with us as they wanted to learn as much about the sport as possible to take back home with them as they definitely wanted to get into it competitively. A school who work with young people with learning difficulties find archery to be a brilliant activity for them and come to us every year as it is such an achievable activity.

Locally we do archery at Glenmore Lodge and in Glenmore Forest but have set up in a variety of different places including castle grounds, a helipad, peoples gardens, sports fields, holiday cottage gardens etc.